[SOLVED] Cant Clear Wifi Credentials

Hi All,

Im trying to clear the wifi credentials as to leave the Photon in Listening mode, but i cant.

I have the firmware running, i press the SETUP button until it starts blinking blue, but then, if i unplug and plug the photon again the firmware restarts and the Photon connects to the cloud. How can i erase them completely¿?


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How to delete WiFi credentials if my photon cannot connect any network and

To erase the stored Wi-Fi networks on your Photon, hold the SETUP button blinks dark blue, the continue to hold it down for about ten seconds longer, until the RGB LED blinks blue rapidly, then release.
Doesn’t work ?

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Can first enter safe mode and then try to remove them again? (It won’t successfully get into safe mode for lack of a network, but it might help with clearing them)

I did what you suggest but any of the WiFi credentials are erased.
I will tell you more when I follow the steps to set up any of the 3 photons I am working
at the time to select WiFi network to connect to, it is very curious that among the possible networks there are some of them I never tried to connect to.
But the worst is that I cannot erase those.
Can you give an idea of what is happening and how fix this problem?
Thank you

Do you mean all or none? “Any” doesn’t really make sense in this sentence.

It’s also not clear what you mean with that.

  • if you never had connected to them, they won’t be stored on your device so you cannot erase them, or
  • if you mean your device sees them (e.g. via WiFi.scan()) then sure you cannot erase them because this would mean you’d have to prevent someone else’s network from entering your RF sphere.
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@ScruffR First of all sorry for my English, it’s not my native language. I will explain what’s happening in another opportunity when I can clarify myself about this issue because there are several factors linked to my question.
Thanks for your time.

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