[Solved] Boron USB programming port not working

Boron USB programming port no longer exists under ports under Windows 11 Device Manager.
This morning everything was working then I noticed that my Boron blinking lights all over the place so I assumed Particle was doing an over the are update. The USB terminal while working showed the device continually resetting, but it came back working after I recycled power.
Several hours later, I updated my VS IDE which required two shutdowns for my particle IDE. My ESP32 device continued to establish a comm port but my Boron never did.
I cannot understand what updating my IDE would have with stopping my Windows OS from conneting to my Boron device but still connect to my ESP32. Right now I am dead in the water with no way to program until I buy and receive another device. I am starting wonder about the reliability of this product and what is going to happen once it's in the field
Is it possible to see if the device is repairable by clearing the program and bringing it back to the factory state over the air?

Update: I answered my own question. I connected over the air and cleared out the existing program and the port came back.


Great job solving it, thanks for posting your solution!

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