SMS-Controlled Toaster Oven

Hey guys!,

This is my first post here in the Spark Core community and also my first project :slight_smile: I’ve also wanted to use the Spark Core but never got a chance until I finally went to a local hackathon (UOfTHacks).

Having said that I wanted to share with you guys my project that I made at the hackathon!
It’s basically a ‘Smart’ Toaster Oven where you can text it to turn on at a specific time/duration, check the status of it and also turn it off at anytime with a basic SMS.

Check it out here :

Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated!

5 Likes link isn’t accessible - would be interested in how you sent SMS messages to/from the Electron?

I just fixed the link (searching ‘toast’ on Hackster wasn’t too hard…)
Seeing as this was in feb '15 neither the photon nor the electron was out. Hence, this project was made with a Spark Core. A quick glance told me he used twilio but IFTTT should work as well.
Then again, with the Electron you could do native SMS, though you really shouldn’t, as it’s much more expensive than doing it over the Internet.