Hello World! - New to the Community

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the community and just wanted to jump into the forum to say hi :slight_smile:

Looking forward to interacting more with all of you!



@djack2485, welcome! Explore, have fun, ask questions and don’t forget to share! :wink:


Hey there! what are you planning on building? :smiley:

Hello to you too Gus!

For my first project, I want to build something simple but useful : )

I’m thinking about making a device for my friend that will text me when he’s driving in his car. So the idea is, the device will text me when he starts driving and I’ll give him a call.

The reason why is, he has a family and the only time he can really talk on the phone is when he’s driving.

Planning to use an Electron of course and I’ll have him power the device off of the USB port in his car. Now I just have to figure out
A. How to use Twilio to send texts
B. How to get the device to tell me when he turns the car on, and when he turns the car off (i.e. tell me when the device is being charged by the USB and when it is not).

I may also add in an asset tracker so I get his location as well. Could come in handy in an emergency.

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you can take a look at this hackster project is you wish:

that can guide you on implementing your bullet A at least :smile:
good luck!

Good stuff! Thank you Gustavo!

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