Tutorial: Linking Spark Core with Pebble Smartwatch

Hi all,

After a couple of recent discussions, I have written a tutorial that describes how to write a sample project (source code is provided!) to enable the use of a Pebble watch to trigger Spark.function() calls (and now .publish()!).

It’s fairly long and requires a lot of formatting, so it’s over on my blog that also contains lots of other Core and Pebble related posts which you can find here:

Linking Pebble and Spark Core (Part 1)
Linking Pebble and Spark Core (Part 2)

If you would prefer me to reformat and reproduce it here on the Tutorial forum proper, then I can find time to do that too.

Any queries I’ll be happy to answer!


Nice job ChrisLewis! I think it would be messy to duplicate on the forum so the link is just fine. Can’t wait to get into this :smile:

Wow, this looks great! Thanks for putting this tutorial together @ChrisLewis

I’m pretty sure I’ll get some use out of it in the near future.

Thanks! I’ll write more soon about working with Spark.publish() etc.

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@ChrisLewis this is so great!! Any chance you’ll be at Maker Faire this weekend??

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Hi @Steph Unfortunately I’m in the UK, so won’t be able to go to Maker Faire! Looks awesome thought, so I wish I could.

Dang! We have to get the Team to work on a Spark teleporter then! Too bad we won’t see you there and your contribution is greatly appreciated :smile:

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@ChrisLewis Agreed with @peekay123! Wish we could thank you in person :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Perhaps you can in the future, who knows. Also put me down for one of those Spark Teleporters :smiley:

Will write Part 2 in the very near future.

EDIT: Part 2 is now up!