Adding touch-less gestures to Spark Core using Hover

We just launched the spark library for Hover. Hover lets you add touch-less gestures to hardware projects. To learn more about Hover, see this link.

The full tutorial is available here.

If you have any questions, let me know!


We’re looking at the website at HQ right now - Gorgeous! Happy hour tomorrow is dedicated to coming up with all sorts of new projects for the Hover. SO COOL!!!

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thats so awesome!

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@Teke @Hootie81

Thanks for the love!
We’ve got a few cool examples with Raspberry Pi & Arduino, but really need to take advantage of this connected Spark magic.

I’m thinking a swipe on and off lightswitch connected to Wemo Light Switch? I’ll be sure to share whatever we come up with.



@jonco91, just ordered mine!

Can I come? Should I grab another bottle of whiskey before I head out? :wink:

But, back on-topic… The Hover looks pretty slick for a reasonable price, too! Similar to the Leap Motion controller (without the fancy resolution). I can think of a few ways to implement something like this into a project. I may be back soon. :smiley:

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This is great @jonco91!, waiting for awesome projects using this.

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Would it be similar to something like this:
That thing would’ve been awesome if it had had enough funding.

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Looking at some of the cool gestures that the controller chip supports…

Hope the library grows quickly to support x,y,z position output and the air circle etc. we could add one to the twitter light tube thingy and doing circles makes a cyclone fire effect and swipes could do flare-ups!

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Then we could build stuff like this:

Would be awesome :smiley:!


@jonco91, Could this be put in some sort of enclosure? Maybe a 3D printed plastic enclosure and mounted to a thin (1mm or so) wall of the enclosure?

Cool. Thanks for sharing that.
Looks like similar technology.

I’m definitely going to build a swipe on/off lightswitch now.

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@wgbartley It can definitely fit inside an enclosure. Just make sure it’s not made out of metal and that the top surface is thin like 1-2mm.

@Hootie81 @Moors7 That is a cool video. We’re working on building a few more examples, and then we’ll start upgrading the library for more gesture support.

I’m excited to see what ideas ppl come up with. I’ll be posting my projects on when ready.

@jonco91 It looks great! I was thinking about how could I use Hover connecting it wirelessly to Spark Core. Could I send data through Bluetooth from Hover to Spark? What do you think is the best way to do it?



The Spark Core by itself does not support bluetooth.
A simple use case for Spark and Hover would be to connect Hover directly to Spark and control an internet of things device.

But if you really want to connect bluetooth from Hover to Spark -

TX side - Hover and Bluetooth module plugged into an Arduino-like device (Host). Host will received commands from Hover and relay it to the bluetooth.

RX side - Bluetooth module plugged into Spark.