Show red light when connected to local server?

I just encounter a wired problem that I run the spark core to connect my local server, the spark core quickly blinked the cyan light, instead of going into the cyan breathing light, it just jumped into red. However what makes more wired is every time the spark core showed the red light, the local sever also show the message like

on ready { coreID: ‘54ff6e066672524832471267’,
ip: ‘’,
product_id: 0,
firmware_version: 7,
cache_key: ‘_16’ }
Core online!

So the spark core will repeatedly restart itself connecting to local server, showing the red light time and time again, until after 20 times, then another message jumped out, saying:

1: Core disconnected: socket error Error: read ECONNRESET { coreID: ‘54ff6e066672524832471267’,
cache_key: ‘_10’,
duration: 95.407 }
Session ended for _10

after that, the spark core can finally connect itself to the local server, what happens?

Trying flashing tinker to the core and see what happens