Red Flashing after flash from web ide (solved)

I am pretty new to working with the spark core but I am figuring it out pretty good. I have connected this core to the wifi and I have pushed firmware to it from the web ide. I may have pushed a firmware change before the last firmware finished, but this is not confirmed. More core is the basement and I flashed it from another location. When I went to my core I found it flashing red. I have since rebooted my router to see if it would fix it. I can turn on other cores, flash them etc and they work fine.

Here is a video you’ll see for a split second it lit up cyan then goes red flashing… after a little bit D7 led lights flashes and the red flashing series repeats.

I looked at the other posts about the red flashing and the one troubleshooting one says if your core has ever reached cyan than you probably don’t need to do these steps from this post:

I have reached cyan so I am not sure what I should do? Most of the other videos I see do not flash like mine is flashing.

Right now I just have this evil red cycloptic eye flashing at me!


Just did a factory reset and my re-registered my core and all is well! Yay!