Show Particle Dev Project on Web IDE

Is it possible to view a Particle Dev Project written locally on my machine on the web IDE? If yes, how does one go about that?

The only way is to copy/paste the sources into Web IDE, import the required hosted libraries and build.

Thank you @ScruffR for that painful truth. :slight_smile:
Just a followup question though, do you know if there is a way to program multiple devices with firmware written in Particle Dev? Can I create a sort of “golden_image” to use across my devices?

The binary that is produced can be flashed to any device of same platform.
You can either flash each of them individually or if you have a greater lot of devices you can make a product and have the Particle cloud deliver the firmware to the whole fleat.

BTW, I’d ditch Particle Dev and go with Particle Workbench for major projects and Web IDE for smallish ones.

wow, just downloaded workbench, it’s a much easier tool to work with. Thank you