CLI or web IDE Discussion

Hey everyone!

Just got into this particle community and I am excited to begin exploring and learning.

I was reading the docs and I saw something that made me think that the CLI was “better” because I could transfer code and test my device in a more data conserving way. I was kind of surprised to read that and it is slightly convincing me to go in this direction but the web IDE is so nice.

Can I get some opinions about these two development approaches

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Hey there, and welcome to the community!

As for the development options: the web IDE is convenient, but since it flashed your code over the air, it will use up data from your allowance. Using the CLI, you can flash your code over the Wire, using up no additional data.

You can combine the two though, where you compile your code in the online IDE and download the binary, which you can then flash over the Wire using the CLI.

Alternatively, you could give the new Desktop IDE a shot: Particle Workbench. That’ll allow you to write code, compile and flash everything locally.