Revised Desktop IDE?

I have done a little bit with Electron over a year ago and stopped using the device due to hassles with the Desktop IDE. Have there been any improvements in the Desktop version of IDE over the last 12 months? Or, is there an alternate IDE people are using for code development?

If you compile using the the CLI, which you should be using to flash locally anyhow, you can use pretty much whatever IDE you’d like. Then send the files off to be compiled in the Cloud, and you should be good to go.


Which seems to be a nice way of saying “no”. It would be nice if Particle’s version of Atom was at least updated to the point where extensions like “teletype” could be installed.

You can take atom and install particle-dev-complete and then install whatever packages you want.

Just so I understand this completely…you are endorsing skipping the Particle IDE altogether and building an IDE from Atom? What’s the point of the Particle IDE then?

[EDIT] - Not trying to be confrontational, just confused why the IDE even exists if that’s the case.

“Particle’s IDE” is really just a bunch of Atom packages. Particle offers a portable version of Atom with the packages already installed.

You can definitely build an IDE out of Atom.