Desktop IDE to compile locally?

I use the Desktop IDE exclusively. I am just curious if there are any plans to make a Desktop IDE version that will compile locally.

I have been also using PlatfomIO for the esp32 and the IDE is ATOM which is the same as the Particles Desktop IDE. With their install everything is installed locally, just wondering what was the reason to compile in the cloud.

Have you tried this?

Personally I prefer po-util because it works from both CLI and in Atom, and I know it works because I made it. It also has many more features.

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Thanks, I will give tit a try. Do you know if it there is a way to see if there are any updates so I know I am allways current ?

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Well it’s an Atom package so you can update it from the updates section I guess.


Is the flash made also locally?
I am developing an application over Photon, where the Wifi is turned off initially, so It would be easier for me to be able to flash through the USB. Maybe I am misunderstanding the tool-chain working mode.
Can I still use the cloud compilation and flashing (from Particle Desktop IDE) even when Wifi in Photon is switched off?

Thanks in advance

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With Dev you currently cannot flash locally (yet). To flash over USB, you’ll need to use the CLI.

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