Shipping to Germany

Hey all - just wanted to let you know that due to recent issues getting through German customs, we will be suspending shipments to Germany for the time being. We’re working hard on getting this officially fixed and will be shipping again to our wonderful german customers shortly.

In the meantime, relish in the fact that you have a wonderful football team much beloved by our intern @eubreezy


Thanks Steph! Bummer about German customs, but hopefully they’ll start letting cores in again soon!

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It’s definitely a futbol thing. They’ll start letting things past, just as soon as they have crushed the rest of the World in the Cup.


Just curious, is the problem with getting through German customs the Spark Core or the long processing times at German customs?

I received some parts from Adafruit within two days. Yes, shipment was expensive, but they take care of customs and make sure it gets picked up and processed: UPS EXPRESS SAVER 1 pkg x 1.25 lbs $27.79 .

Is it possible to offer UPS EXPRESS SAVER as a shipment option to get the Spark Core shipped to Germany.

Cheers Lars

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Hey @mangipa we’ve suddenly started having problems getting through German customs. Just popped up the last 2 weeks or so. We’re in process of switching all of our shipping options which will hopefully solve lots of things. We will be moving to faster but more expensive options for shipping to Europe, just takes some time with a small team :smile:


Hey! Any news on this topic?

Last week I received the delivery from Spark sent via Hongkong Post to my German address. I also had been wandering what happened after having seen the confirmation “arrived in Germany” but did not receive the delivery. It finally turned out that German customs kept the parcel for about a month but did not inform me. It arrived without an indication why it was held back.

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@Joerg thanks for the heads-up! Glad to hear that it finally arrived. @timo we are going to start shipping full time to Germany at the end of the week I believe :smile:

Also we’ll be introducing some much faster and more reliable shipping options in the next few weeks here. I’m pretty excited!


Hi @Steph,

when are you going to ship to Germany? Me and my friends ordered last week, and we can’t wait to start working with our Spark’s.

Thank you for answering, have a nice day! =)

We’re starting to ship to Germany this week :slight_smile: Customs officials seem to be much happier with us at the moment so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!


I received my Spark Core today after it was shipped on July 29. :smiley:


So glad to hear that @timo - enjoy!!!

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