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During the last few studios we’ve built a basic HTML/CSS+JavaScript UI for a desk lamp and even created a JavaScript object that allows us to model the behavior of the lamp. Now it’s time to start building the embedded system (the lamp itself). [With Particle Power!!]

To start us off, here’s a syllabus that Professor Bill has been using over at UW - STL.


This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of physical computing systems through hands-on, real-life applications. Physical computing forms the basis of smart devices, wearables like smart watches, e-textiles / fashion, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and hardware start-up This course is designed specifically for a general audience and all majors. You will learn to design electronic devices that interact with the physical world. Assignments will use motion detectors, robotic arms, and electronic music generation. This course teaches students to design electronic devices that interact with the physical world by building circuits and developing software algorithms that run on a microcontroller. Students are expected to be familiar with object-oriented programming, but no prior experience with electronics or microcontrollers is necessary.

@Rob7 linked what his Trojans will be studying this semester at USC in another thread. Let’s move it here too.