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Welcome to Particle for Education! Let’s start off with some general introductions.

  • What school are you a part of?

  • What are you teaching or learning about right now?

  • How has Particle helped out?


Thanks @Joe for creating this forum!

My name is Rob Parke, and I teach at USC in Los Angeles, CA. This fall I’m teaching (for the first time) an undergraduate course in electronics / IoT. The audience are non-engineers without prior electronics experience.

The course is using the Particle Argon, and I’m super grateful for the board itself, but also for the great people and support from Particle. @Joe and @zach have been really helpful answering my myriad of questions (technical, product, etc.) and providing ways for students to obtain devices. On the product level, the Argon has wifi/bluetooth and integrated cloud system, which streamlines how I approach the class.

If it helpful to anyone, my course material is online



I work at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varazdin, Croatia.
Occasionally I teach at École supérieure d’informatique, électronique, automatique in Laval, France

Courses I teach are Software engineering, Internet of Things: Embedded software development, and Energy efficient connected objects.

For last two courses we use Photon as primary and only development board. Aside board we use Particle Cloud intensively for interoperability with other services. All lecture materials are available online here:

Also, we have IOT Laboratory where Photon is one of the boards we use for prototyping and research.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I teach High School 3D Printing, Coding (javascript), Animation and have taught Robotics using the Particle Photon for 3 years (Sadly the class is cancelled for this year as only 16 kids wanted to do take it :disappointed:).

Almost all my Particle Photon course and videos are at this Github

I also have a Machine Learning/Robotics Club after school and will be teaching some younger kids Robotics one day a week with The hand picked group of students will try to make my robot car, video at

Any educator reading this should try out I have been working fairly hard with it for the last 3 months. See my website about Gitpod at It is fairly amazing as it is an online Docker with a simple web IDE with 100 hours free a month! 100 hours is more than enough for most students. Gitpod allows instant loading of most Github sites. Any site that works with node npm can almost instantly be run in the cloud for free.

Any educator who wants to reach out, I am at twitter at

Presently I am dabbling in cryptocurrencies (specifically IOTA at the no-fee cypto for the IoT) I am using IOTA with the Particle Photon.! Got my first web app to “Pay Crypto to Control my Photon” working today!

By the way it is really fun teaching with the Particle Photon. Just make sure your classroom has really good Wifi.


Welcome, @btomas !!

Also, we have IOT Laboratory where Photon is one of the boards we use for prototyping and research.

Have you worked with the Argon or any other boards from our third Generation yet?


Ahh, man, I’m sorry to hear that class isn’t happening again this semester, @rocksetta. If there’s anything I can do to help it get back in action for 2020 please feel free to send over a DM.

In the meantime, I’d like to ask you the same question I asked @btomas. Have you fooled around much with the Argon in a classroom setting? If so, were there any improvements (or otherwise) that you found working with the new hardware?

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Thanks @Joe, I just have to promote my robotics class around January instead of spending my spare time coding! I just needed 4 more students, but I didn’t know I just needed 4 more student.:unamused:

When I have 15 Photons running in the classroom there is always 1 or 2 random photons that have bad wifi, so I thought, get a class set of Argons and the Mesh would solve any random wifi issues. That led to the very long and frustrating blog at: (Careful may take several hours to read, surprised other Particle employees haven’t warned you about me :smile:)

Short answer, I am still waiting to be able to connect several Argons to one Mesh network to solve my random classroom WiFi issues. At least now I have a full year that I can wait.:smiley:

Anyway all is not lost I am teaching a group of hand picked grade 7’s to 9’s how to make a Machine Learning Robot car. That should be fun.

cell phone that does the machine learning goes in the white holder in the front.


unfortunately i have not. Our whole setup is based on Photon, but honestly, i would love to play and experiment with mesh.