Particle for Good / Education Community Manager

I was sad to see that @Joe has left Particle. He was a great community manager and was extremely helpful over the past couple years. I had been nervous initially when using only Particle Argons in my class, but Joe came through many times with last minute product shipments and tech support inquiries when weird bugs came up with students. I will miss him and wish him the best!

Is there a new contact at Particle that we in the Education / for Good community have? Also, will the Slack channel be continuing?



From what I know, in the future the Slack workspace will be only be used for internal communications and the Forum and Discord will be used for community matters. A Discord server was created for Spectra and has been used as the communication hub for several webinars. Here is the invite link:

For a while it was @bsatrom, but he’s left Particle as well. Until the position is filled I would recommend reaching out to @will.

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Particle for Good is now managed by @ranizbordoloi


Thanks for the feedback @ScruffR and @nrobinson2000.