Video Series: Photon High School Robotics


Finally got around to making a few videos (hoping for about 18 videos when it is done to cover my High School Robotics course). The youtube video link is at:

Rocksetta Playlist at

The Github site that follows the videos is at:

Working on improving the quality of these videos.

Photon in Education?

##The following videos are finished:
###Click on these direct links

a00-intro An introduction to teaching robotics using the photon. Shows several student examples from June 2017.

a01-console Got ta love the console.

a02-voltage-divider Measuring 2 prong sensors

a03-DAC-to-ADC Using the DAC pins (A6, A3) to test the Analog read pins (A0 --> A5)

a04-SOS-programming A tiny bit of programming, more to build confidence than anything else.

a05-tinker speaks for itself

a06-web-app My flagship Photon and Raspberry Pi3 controlling web page, view it live at Plug in your Photon ID and Access token and activate your D7 LED now.

a07-mobile-App Convert a web page into a mobile app using Phonegap Build

a08-ifttt Control anything onthe internet with your Photon

a09-servo Operating a servo motor using an external power source, without destroying the photon.

a10-transistor Showing how to use a transistor to protect the photon from slightly higher amps and volts

a11-DC-motor-drivers using the Pololu Big motor driver To 24V Max and 12 Amp Max and the dual motor driver to 13.5 V max and 1.2 Amp Max

a12-stepper-motor-driver using the Pololu stepper and driver

a13-arduino using the photon to make a non-wifi Arduino

a14-serial-I2C using the Groove OLED

a15-serial-SPI using the amazing Pixy camera.

a16-serial-uART using a finger print scanner

Advanced: Using the Raspberry Pi3 on the Cloud IDE and being able to control it using my web app.

Advanced: Web Sockets Is the Particle Cloud 1200 ms delay to slow for you? Try this using your own nodejs server to get a 10 ms delay

my IOT Rant Written in 2015 when I switched from just coding to robotics (I new very little about electronics)

##The videos are at:

Just Google search for photon high school robotics

or copy

##The Github site is at:



Thank you so much for sharing this all!


No problem @KyleG making the videos helps me remember how to teach the stuff. Just finishing the introduction tonight.

Thanks for the likes.

The a00 intro is at

It has several student examples:

Wifi OpenRC Formula 1


Wifi cell phone 2 axis holder


Wifi Mouse Trap


Wifi Hand and Glove


GPS and Acceleration tracker


Wifi RFID Tag Notifications

(Looks like in this image the photon has been removed)


Wifi Baby Duck


Wifi Racoon Motion Dector and Notifications