Several Photons no longer connecting to WIFI - Android App will not ADD new Photon

I have three (3) Photons previously set-up, nothing really out of the ordinary happened other than disconnecting the Wifi Router while I was moving things months ago. Suffice to say, I have not used my photons in months but I noticed that my Photons stopped connecting and were searching for the Wifi Signals (Blinking Green, looking to connect to my wifi)

None of my photons have come back on-line in months and after the June 2020 Android App Update ( perhaps an earlier update), the APP does not allow me to add a new Photon (trying to troubleshoot).

The only reason I am wanting to add a Photon is to try and reset the Wifi and re-upload my code, but I would prefer not to do this since I had so many issues reverting to 0.7.0 and finally got them to be stable on 0.7.0.

My Wifi connectivity issues have nothing to do with signal range and all have been connected previously on 2.4 networks - what happened that they won’t connect? Is this a known issue? Why won’t the App add a new Photon?




It must be a home network related issue…

I have a separate Photon setup on a different Wifi connection (at work) and I just powered up the unit and everything is working fine.

The other two (2) not working must be related to my home network - will try and test tonight.

Still don’t know why the Android App will not allow me to add a new Photon though.



You cannot successfully finish adding a device to your account until it’s breathing cyan, so if the devices are stuck at blinking green you won’t be able to add them.

That I understand, but when the Photons are set to Blinking Blue as in, listening mode - it should allow me to add a new Photon. I know my phone shows it in the WiFi (when I switched it to listening mode) but the App will not move forward in allowing to set-up the Photon…

It gives me the generic welcome screen after I click “Set up a Photon” ( + )

  • Please power on your Photon by plugging it in.

  • The indicator lights should blink blue. if…3 seconds to set up again

  • Make sure your Android device is connected to the internet

Okay and…next please…nothing - it just stays on the above page - that’s not normal.



I got home, put the Photon in listening mode and opened the App to add the Photon, as above. This time it finally said, ’ [ READY ] ’ at the bottom of the welcome screen as I mentioned in my previous post, was not there before.

Connected and working again! Guess I’ll need to do this with the one located in the shop!