Send MMA8452Q data to Aws iot using Boron kit with GPRS Sim

Hi, I want to send the MMA8452Q to AWS IOT using Boron Kit. I am not sure about using a GPRS sim with Boron could it be possible to use?

Besides that when I am using the Particle App it’s asking for credit card detail, is there any free trial solution which help us to test with this device?

Suggestions will be very grateful.

You have a three month free trial periode for the onboard Particle SIM on the Boron but you still need to provide your credit card details to cover eventual data overages when you should happen to exceed the 5MB/month limit and/or carry on using the service after the free period.

For your other question: Have you tried searching the forum for AWS IoT?
There are several threads that deal with that topic but Webhooks are probably your way to go.