Basic IOT platform

I’m starting a project that involves 3 Borons now with maybe 3 more to come. The project is only required to send out maybe 6 email or SMS a day per Boron on a input change of state, and also a way to change state on a Boron output for a user. I’ve been using Ubidots free for personal projects, but this might be pushing those limits, and their $49 a month plan is usable but really way more than I need. Anyone found a company that provides a basic but reliable service for less? I’m also just a bit reluctant to use Particle on this project being it meets their free plan requirements now, but I’m sure down the road something will change and they don’t have a reasonably priced tier for low volume users yet.

There are no plans to change the free plan at this time. The purpose is to get people to start prototyping on cellular and hopefully graduate to making a product in the growth or enterprise tiers later on. It’s not a limited time offer; there are no plans to change it.

To send SMS, I use Twilio’s Internet-based SMS. The pay-as-you-go plan is $0.0075 per message, which I think is pretty reasonable. Note that this is triggered by a webhook from a Particle.publish, not natively sending SMS from the cellular modem.

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Great idea to use Twilio. That avenue escaped me. Now onto a easy way to control the Boron.