Twilio Programmable Wireless


Twilio just launched ‘Programmable Wireless’ which is a ‘pay-as-you-go pricing for cellular-connected devices’ product. Which might be interesting for Particle Electron / Particle Boron integrations. This does not appear to be NB-IOT, so this will probably only work for the 3G version of the Particle Boron.

You basically order a sim-card for $3 and get started. Costs are $2 per month, $ 0.10 per MB (Europe) or $ 0.05 per MB Quota where Data is billed in 100KB increments (so I am not sure how this will pan out with Particle’s UDP traffic). The sims also support programmable voice and SMS.

I have build integrations with Twilio’s SMS/Voice/WebRTC services and have found them very reliable and easy to work with, so this new product might be interesting for others as well.


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