I found my original Boron and Argon. Upgrade path?

I bought 2 rounds of the Argon and Boron at launch and for the life of me I couldn’t find my other order. Well cleaning out some old boxes and found my shipment. I’m getting ready to set them up and claim them but their on Device OS 0.8.0-rc.25. Should I just go to 1.4.4, or go to a specific version then 1.4.4. or do I need to do each update one at a time?

Have you run them through the phone app setup? It should update the devices to a version with USB support - then you can use the CLI to do particle update which will get you on 1.4.4 which is the recommended version to be on.

No I haven’t I just remember when I first got them they needed to be updated and that version is written on the boxes of a posted note I wrote to myself.

I don’t have a SIM card I can use for the Boron with any kind of data (>1-2 meg of data avail) and I think I can get the argon on the wifi.

If you setup the devices via the app, an update will be the first prompt - even without the sim the Boron should update. You can then connect it to a computer and do the manual update.
The Boron has an E-sim that you can activate via the app or setup.particle.io. It includes three months cloud access/data(3MB/month) and thereafter is $2.99/month.

The Argon should work just fine after the app updates it.

Boron is a 3G but I think I’ll get a $10 data only sim from amazon just to get it updated.

So the process to setup with the phone app with them connected to a computers USB, then then do a CLI particle update will it get the update via USB or Wifi ?

All Borons include an embedded sim card - the ICCID of the sim card is printed on the side of the box, or you can retrieve it with particle identify once the device has been updated.

You will need to power the device, use the Particle app to scar the data matrix, and the app will update to 1.2.1 I believe. Once that happens the Boron will appear as a device on your computer and you can use particle update to get it running on 1.4.4.

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