"Select Device" doesn't work in Particle Desktop IDE


Yesterday I started up Particle Desktop IDE, which correctly loaded the last-used project. But when I clicked the “Select Device” icon it opens the “Loading Devices” window and hangs with no results displayed. But if I open the Console from within the IDE, or open the Web IDE, all 5 of my devices are accurately reported, as well as 2 being online.

I last worked on this project about a month ago with no issues. Since I can’t select my device my development effort is dead. Any suggestions?


@rayz, log out of the desktop IDE and then log back in to see if that clears the issue.


I reckon there’s a good chance this will solve it. @suda it might be a good idea if the IDE did a proper check it was logged in with working/non-expired tokens (or however it works) as when it automatically resumes or assumes the previous login you can get this issue, admittedly a small annoyance.


@peekay123 I had closed/re-opened the IDE several times with no effect. But logging out and back was exactly what it needed.

Problem solved - many thanks!


I had the same problem and the same fix. It’s been several months since I last used the desktop IDE. So maybe that has something to do with it.