RPi Kits shipping date?

Hello Everyone

Just want a heads up on when the Raspberry PI kits will be shipping out.

From Canada Oui je suis Français

I’ll check and follow up.

Moi aussi :wink:

Hope it will cross the border in time for Christmas …kit is for my son Jacob (12) and i just cant wait to see what ideas will spring out of him.

@jvanier is their any French documentation for Particle ? or is their a descent translator for electronic jargon …Google translate is good but lacks some rudiments in technical terminology.

We have not had the resources to translate the docs to other languages. If you have the time to write a tutorial in French for getting started with Particle, make sure to post it to the community!

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Woe J’ai seulment recu son Kit le 28 Dec. DHL est pourri pour les envoi au Canada …le colis a ete pris au douanes pour une semaine due a la batterie de la telecomande.

Je me suis déjà fait avoir par DHL aussi quand je vivais à Montréal. Je suis content d’entendre que le paquet est arrivé en fin de compte.