CHEAP - Raspberry Pi 3B Kits - SOLD OUT

I’m not sure why the price of these kits has been so heavily discounted, but they are the real deal. I have purchased a few different models and they have all been the Model 3B. Only the AMZKIT1 is still available.

Newark - Raspberry Pi Starter Kit $4.76US

I’m using them for Node-RED/Influx/Grafana servers for Particle data and it has been working very well.


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@GeerGuy, there is nothing indicating it is a Model 3B. A posted question asking exactly that has not been answered.

UPDATE: Thought I would take a chance and order 2 in Canada at $6.52 CDN each. On checkout I noticed shipping would be $20 so I dropped the order cause I worry about the brokerage fees and possible duties which make the deal not so appealing. Too bad and thanks for the tip!

I also emailed and chatted with them about the exact model number, but they were not able to confirm it. All I can say is that all 12 that I have received have been Model 3B.

The AMZKIT2 does specify 3B, but they are sold out. The picture of the board for this kit is the same for the other kits.

I’m also in Canada and have not been charged any extra shipping/duty fees on my 2 orders.

Just order lots to offset the shipping. :slight_smile:

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@GeerGuy, I put 20 kits in the cart and was still charged $20 shipping. To be honest, I don’t need 20 of these so it makes no sense to buy a bunch. I have a Pi 4 which simply screams and I’ll buy another when I really need it.

I bought a few of them, thanks for the tip!