Restore old version of app source code on

Uh-oh… I change the name of an app and started editing some source code in … thinking that would create a new version. I now see that I inadvertently wrote over a much needed previous version. How do I revert to a previous version of my source code ? I’m assuming (hoping) there is some sort of version control going on. I’m a little worried as I can’t see any version management in the IDE or in the docs. Help !

Nope, there is no official version control in place.
The way you can prevent this in future is to use the SHARE THIS REVISION feature to create a sharable link of a snapshot of your project and store away these links in a secure place.
This is also the way how you create a copy of your projects properly.

But be aware, once you delete the parent project all previous revisions will also be invalidated and lost (unless you actually created a copy of the shared revision - open the link and hit COPY THIS APP).

However, Particle does have regular backups of their servers and hence it may be possible to pull back one of these backups, extract your project and get an older version back.
I had that done for me a couple of times but it is a somewhat labourious feat so you’d need a nice employee willing to do this when it’s really important.

Maybe you can file a support ticket with your account details and a rough timeframe where you can be sure your desired version was still alive.

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