Particle Dev (Atom) - Best practices for saving versions?

Hey guys,
Trying to understand Particle Dev (Atom - Version 1.7.3, Running OS X)…specifically, how to keep my folders tidy, and be able to Save As versions of my code as I go along.

So first, the folder on the left. I understand that I need to have all of my library files inside of that folder for a sketch to compile properly. But…


  1. Does the folder name have to be exactly the same as the main sketch name?

  2. …and if so, does that mean I also have to include .ino on the foldername?

  3. As I go along, I’d like to save versions 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, etc, so that I can jump back if something goes awry. But if I just do a Save As, it adds that version to my left-hand folder. So will this cause compiler errors, or is this the correct way of doing things?

  4. Any other tips appreciated for keeping things tidy and versioned!

Thanks all-

From what I’ve gathered, Dev works off of a project folder. Whatever you have in that folder, it will try to compile.

You could do a save as project_ and open dev to the specific folder you want to work in.

An alternative is to use git revision control (either locally or from gitlab/github…) Install git-control package and you’re good to go.