Particle build files organized

hello all
can I create folders/subfolders in particle build files/my apps section?
im have a lot of files and versions, I want to get thgem organized


Unfortunately that is currently not (yet?) available.

If you’re really keen on keeping things organised, you could give Particle Dev a shot and manage your projects locally(?)

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I also agreed that Particle Dev is the way to go to stay organized.

You can then just create folders and subfolders as your wishing to do. That’s what I do as I have tons of libraries and projects that have build up over time.

I would highly recommend that you setup Dropbox so that those folders are backed up online as you build your projects out. Dropbox will save each version of your code as you progress which will allow you to go back in time if you screw something up.

Also, I’ve had my computer crash quite a few times over the years and Particle DEV would actually lose all my code when I reopened it up and without Dropbox, it would have been gone, but I was saved by Dropbox.

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I always use GitHub to back up my code.

Do you have to install the Github PC application for that to work? Does it save automatically to the web every time you hit save?

I prefer to use GitHub through the command line using git. It works really well.

I’ve also got the following function in my .bashrc:

function update()
  cd "$(pwd)"
  git add -A
  #git commit -S -m "$1 at $(date +"%H:%M") of $(date +"%Y-%m-%d")" # Replace the line below with this one for GPG signed commits
  git commit -m "$1 at $(date +"%H:%M") of $(date +"%Y-%m-%d")"
  git push -u origin $(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)

Whenever I run update in my terminal all my changes are committed and pushed to GitHub.

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