Duplicating an app

I can’t find the button to duplicate an App in the Build interface. Am I missing something?

It’s not there, yet, unfortunately.

Such a bizarre oversight…

I’ve been pushing for it, it’s definitely on the to-do list :wink:


Any update on this? This is a critical feature for rev control in the Particle IDE.

Not directly, but you could click your own share-link, which would effectively make a duplicate. A bit of a workaround, but it works. If you want proper version management, you could consider switching to the desktop IDE: Particle Workbench.

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You don’t even need to copy the shared application. Just keep the link in the comment section of your project with the respective version number.
As long the main project exists in your account you can go back to any of the revisions by means of these stored links.
If you actually copy a shared revision you can fork the project.


Great to know both of those approaches. Thanks!