How do I clone or copy an app?

Is there a way to clone or copy an app from the ‘build’ environment?

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The only way right now is to copy each file content manually

If you use ‘Dev’ you just copy the whole folder. The main reason I don’t use ‘Build’ is the questionable version control… undoing mistakes can be a pain.

Okay, then another stupid question, is there a way to bring my ‘build’ project into ‘dev’?

‘Dev’ projects are folder based. Everything for the project goes in the same folder.
I would start be creating a folder and downloading the library “.cpp” and “.h” files that you need directly from Github.
If you look in the libraries list in ‘Build’, there is a Github icon for each library that will take you to the right place.
Then start a new file in Dev, and copy and paste your own code from Build. Name your own files ‘.ino’ or ‘.c’ and they will be included in the compile.

Since everything is in the same folder, remember to remove any paths that Build may have added to your include statements,

Remember to save every time before compiling; there is no auto-save before compile, and if you do not save, it will compile your ‘old’ code from the last save.

To backup, just go to your regular file manager and copy the entire folder to a new folder. I do that whenever I make enough changes that it would make me angry to lose them by mistake.

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Is there really still really no way to clone an app?

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@codeandcircuit, still not yet :confused:

Is there a way to do a feature request for this?

It’s on the to-do list, and the elites do keep asking for it from time to time.
You can ‘abuse’ the sharing feature of the Web IDE though. Share the project, and use your own link. Then you should basically get a snapshot of your code :o

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Unless your project contains legacy libraries - which are also not replacable by v2.0 in the original due to this

Which is a major PITA

You can’t share a legacy project AND you can’t update it either!!!

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Just a simple question about the above thread.
Is there a way to open a firmwareX.bin in the IDE?

I am thinking of backup/archive.


Nope! Binaries can’t easily be disassembled and rebuilt into C/C++ code and and the IDEs won’t do that at all.
You can open them in any text editor or even Desktop IDE but the contents hasn’t got any resemblence with the source code you may be wanting to get back from it.

Any update on a “Save as” or copy feature in the Particle build web IDE? This is a strong need, since the web IDE is the easiest way to deal with remote devices.


You can use the SHARE THIS REVISION button in Web IDE to receive a link to a snapshot of your project, open that link and hit COPY THIS APP to create a copy. Then rename it to whatever you want to call the new copy otherwise you end up with multiple projects sharing one name.