How to clone a project

I am bootstrapping a project along getting one thing to work at a time. When I am going to add a new feature I would ideally like to copy the project to another name and then begin working with the new revision. This seems like a stupid question, but is there a way to simply make a copy of a project and then use the copy? Thanks.

What IDE are you using?

If it’s Web IDE the easiest way would be the SHARE THIS REVISION feature.
This will create a snapshot of your current project and provide a link via which you can create as many copies of that snapshot as you wish. After that you can rename the copy e.g. via revision number as suffix for the name.

Alternatively you just keep the links of past iterations in the comment section of your main project and keep on working on that. With this collection of links you can create a copy of any previous state at any time should you feel the need for looking back.
But be aware, once you delete the base project of which you pulled the snapshot the links to previous revision of that project will also become void.

If you are using Particle Workbench (aka VSC) you can put your project on GitHub and then let that take care of the versioning by regularly committing the changes to the repository.


Got it. Thanks very much. Time to brush up on my git skills.

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