[Resolved] Programmers Shield Questions

I purchased a couple of Photon’s and the programmers shield last year, didn’t have any time to check it out. I trying to get things going now under windows 10.

When connecting the shield, Windows USB enumerates the FT2332 as
"USB Serial Converter A
"USB Serial Converter B
but no com port.

The web site indicates " The FT2232 chip is setup to provide an USB-JTAG and USB-UART interface simultaneously."

How do I get the Particle to show up on a COM port while I can use the other port for openocd?

I’ve got that going a while back and it was just a simple checkbox in the drivers property to enable Virtual COM Port.

I’ve only got a German screenshot of the drivers property window tho’

(Erweitert = Advanced)

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ScruffR, Thanks for responding.

I did figure it out late last night from this document

but forgot to update this thread before going to sleep. :smile:

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Now that i have it connected what settings should be used? I was hoping to see some output over the serial line to determine if its working.

What code are you running on your device that would let you see its output?
The settings would need to match the ones, you’ve use for your Serial1.begin(......) statement.

Hi ScruffR, I figured there was some default code pre-loaded on the photon. I hooked up the tx/rx lines to another device and confirmed the com port is working.

Thanks for your help

If this was an out-the-box Photon, then you’d had Tinker preloaded on the device.

Is that supposed to output any debug info to the com port?

You can have a look at the code here

But even if it had debug output, that would usually go to Serial which is the USB Serial interface of the Photon and not Serial1 which is the RX/TX USART port.

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Okay - thanks for the clarification