PowerShield USB conection not giving me a COM port on window

When I plug in my Photon directly to my Windows 10 PC with a USB cable I automatic get a new COM port .

So commands like “particle serial list” will display the Photon. I can capture all serial debug output with “particle serial monitor” , but this all doesn’t seem to work when the photon is connected with USB threw the power shield.

Also the PowerShield library has Serial debug output , so I would assume that this should work ?


The one that is one the power shield appears to only power / charge the power shield, it will power the Photon and charge the battery, not allow serial comms with the photon.

I have that usb going to a phone power supply (2 amp).

For serial communications I connect the usb on the photon to the computer and then use the serial monitor in particle dev or putty under windows on my computer.

I believe that the powershield serial debug will send serial.print statements if the debug is defined to a comm port on the computer, if it is plugged into the computer.


You can look at the schematics of the Photon Power Shield and will find that the D+/D- pins on the micro USB recepticle are not connected, so there is no way to get data out of that connector.