[RESOLVED] Build didn’t produce binary Error: Command f

Mod edit (@harrisonhjones): Resolution: Use the CLI (for now) to get a full log output

In the Atom IDE I was getting this error, with no information as to the cause. I copied the relevant bits of the code to the browser based IDE and was able to identify the error when I compiled there.

It’s not going to be practical to copy back and forth like this. Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere in the Atom IDE where I can see the full build log when there is a problem like this, or is there another way to identify the problem?

At the moment, atom won’t show the full output (don’t ask me why).
You can compile the same code with the CLI though, which will show the full output. That way, you can leave all your code in place and just compile the relevant directory.

Thanks, works like a charm.

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