Error: build didn't produce any binary files

Is there any easy way to see what I bet are simple link errors??

Once my code became a bit more complex with multiple files,
I started to see that error, but it is pretty useless.
I cannot even read the rest of the line.
I can debug my code the hard way, but a simple error message would really
make life easier.

It seems command line might help, but that requires node.js, which I think
requires cygwin, which is a whole other mess.

First, we don’t know which way you are building, but guessing by your comment I’d say you use Particle Dev, right?

No, node.js should not require Cygwin.
Just download from here

Thanks for the help!

Yes, got the node.js and command line working without cygwin,
and it shows my missing function.
Working now.

Why the Particle Dev tool does not have that basic error reporting … ??? … oh well.

We know, it’s a constant sore point, but since Particle has reached a major milestone with the Electron, the long promised IDE overhaul will come