Required amount of PCB layers

I have been using the Photon on a project and I am considering making a PCB using the “P0 - Particle Wi-Fi Module”. My one concern is the number of layers that are required. From looking at the EagleCAD of the Photon there are 4 layers. One of which is a 3.5 VDC.

I was hoping to keep it at 2 layers. This is something I can do at home with relatively high accuracy.

My project is going to use 4 analog inputs and a digital out. Has anyone tried making a PCB with the Particle yet? If so do you have any pictures or tips?

Thank You

Are you talking about making a PCB to plug the Photon into or making your own custom design based on the Photon?

For a base PCB to plug the Photon into, 2 layer is more than enough. As you are going to use analog, keep the analog signals away from digital or at least to right angles if they cross each other on opposite sides. Use a ground plane around the analog too.

If you board layout is complex with lots of support components, 4 layer makes the design easier because you can put the power and GND on the inner planes and all of the connecting tracks on the 2 outer layers. The likes of DFRobot make doing 4 layer cheap now compared to what it was a few years ago.

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