Removing compiled code

Forgive me, I just got my Photon up and running, so I’m very new to this. I flashed it with a simple “blinky” code and it works great. Now - how do I remove/reset/disable this code? Do I have to re-flash the original firmware? I just basically want to undo what I did and try some other scripts…documentation/forums aren’t clear on this (from what I can find).

Thank you!

Just reflash with the new code that you want to try. It will run the last program you flash. No need that I can think of to erase flash.

Ahh. Ok, so if I just flash it with a blank file it seems to stop the currently running code. I guess that’s what I wanted for now. Thanks for your help!

You can reflash tinker from the mobile app which is the app it originally came with.
Just click on a device thats online but not running tinker and you get a reflash tinker option.

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But what’s the point of doing that? It doesn’t hurt to leave it running, and if you want to try something else, just flash that. There’s no need to ‘wipe/remove/wipe/clear’ it beforehand, since it will just overwrite what was on there in the first place.
What are you trying to achieve?

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I just wanted to get the “blinky” code to stop running -hence just flashing it with a blank file until I began coding some other examples. In any case either re-flashing with tinker, or a blank file seems to have done the trick.