Remove Contributed library

I assume i am doing things correctly.

  • create the git repo.
  • contribute the library
  • fix bug
  • change version in spark.json
  • git commit and push.
  • contribute library.

My Libraries have an annoying number of version showing with no indicator in IDE which is which.

How do I delete the contribution so only the latest shows?

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@mpechner, if you click on one of your libraries, the IDE will show the version number below its name. However, in the list, no version is shown.

In my experience so far, old versions are removed by the system at some unknown interval. :smile:


OK. Yes, I see they are gone.
Is that in the documentation somewhere?
How much participation is required before we are allowed to contribute?


@mpechner, at this time, the library function is so new that the documentation is in a topic:

In terms of “participation” we are allowing any library to be published though we hope folks have done their work at following the uber library model. Ultimately, we may curate the libraries based on popularity. :smile: