Library import bug (FastLED)

I’m working on fixing some bugs in FastLED. I currently have version 3.1.1 published. I rev’d the version number to 3.1.2 to do some bug fixing and testing and imported it without making it public. After a browser restart I went back into the spark IDE - the 3.1.2 version wasn’t visible, so I hit “Contribute Library” and it is failing with:

version is not unique 3.1.2 is already released

Except, there is no visible to me 3.1.2 version. It looks like the IDE is going to force me to cycle the version number just to continue with bug fixing/maintenance on the library, even though I have not published 3.1.2. Either that, or 3.1.2 is in there somewhere, and the IDE isn’t providing an obvious way for me to get back to it to finish working on it and re-publish it.

One quick and dirty method i can think of is to remove the library from your own list and add it in again.

Nope - removing and re-attempting to add the library still complained about 3.1.2 being already released, and I still ahve to rev the version number.