Oops: duplicate library contribution in IDE

Hi there,

I decided to contribute my Spark Core port of the Dallas Temperature Sensor library that’s available for Arduino.

While creating the repository and creating the spark.json manifest file, I discovered that I needed to name the .h and .cpp files according to the name key in the manifest file. While renaming them, I didn’t think of changing the #include also, so I had a broken include that of course wouldn’t compile. This was the last quick change I needed to make before publishing, so I went a head and published, not noticing the broken include.

Soon after including the library, I noticed my mistake, changed the include and pushed it to GitHub. I couldn’t revalidate my already published library though, so I tried contributing it again. The validator noticed the higher version number and validated the change.

Now there are two libraries: spark-dallas-temperature 0.0.1 and spark-dallas-temperature 0.0.2. When I click on “spark-dallas-temperature” under My Libraries and click on the little i-icon, version 0.0.1 shows up. And when including #include "spark-dallas-temperature/spark-dallas-temperature.h" version 0.0.1 still gets included and compilation fails.

What should I do now?


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I did exactly the same thing. :slight_smile:

Just refresh the IDE - the duplicate will disappear eventually. In fact, this is how libraries work at present - you have to republish for each change (with a new version) and each time you push a new version you’ll get another duplicate until the IDE cleans old versions away.

Ah ok, got it, thanks. Republish and refresh :D.