Remote flashing


Is there any way that you can remote flash (without usb say in a different city) similar to the web page IDE. I only ask as the web page IDE (whilst great for playing around with) is a little restrictive on build style. I.e. the open source nest project wouldn’t build as the IDE requires each c file to have a header file too.

Would be nice if I could be sat say in an airport doing a little coding and be able to remote flash without going through the IDE.



Yep! There are two ways. First, you can have your own local toolchain to compile a binary file, and then upload it via the API:

Second, you can use the Spark Command Line Interface (CLI) to compile using our cloud service with a .ino or .cpp file on your local machine.

Both of these are in very active development so keep your eye on the documentation and on the forum here for changes, which may be backwards-incompatible, especially over the next couple of months.

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Sweet - cheers, will give it a bash.

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Let us know if you run into any problems!