Flash the core locally

It takes around 2 mins from ‘flash’ for new code to start on my core! Is there a way to flash via (local) USB, without using Build?

Sorry for the simple question, I’ve been searching the site for some time, but only found posts about local flash failing 0 so must be possible :wink:

Is there a guide or tutorial?



You can consider Spark-CLI

Basically, you use the cloud to compile your code without using the web IDE.

Eventually, you can compile locally with the local cloud!

If you are really talking about local compile, then you need to setup the local dev environment and we have examples in the community. :wink:

For a local compile setup, check out @kennethlimcp’s own Compiling Locally - Development Environment thread.

Thanks both - I’m looking for something simple (between arduino IDE or Visual Studio). Has Eclipse on Windows been tried or is there a reason why it won’t be possible? (the only unix machine I can readily access has more than 10,000 nodes and no USB port :wink:

I don’t use Eclipse personally, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I don’t think anyone has done it and/or written a tutorial about it, but if it can be done on other platforms, it will probably work for Windows as well.

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