"Released" Firmware updates overwriting 'newer' versions

It must be me…

The Console Firmware update facility for Products is fantastic…except I can’t get it to STOP automatically updating. I use the Web IDE to write a newer version of the app to a development device and as soon as the device comes online the Console insists on overwriting it with the older 'Release". I don’t want it to! I want to be able to test the new version, make sure it is a good release candidate, and then push it to all the other Product devices. This flow seems like it should be logical and easy, but the Console is not paying attention to the new PRODUCT_VERSION and is downgrading my development Photon as soon as it comes online. I can watch this happen in the Devices page. After I push the IDE (let’s call it Version 5) update to the development device, it shows up with a 5 --> 4, and sure enough as soon as the device comes online it takes the older release and forces it on.

So what am I doing wrong?

Have you seen this?

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Thank you! That was exactly what I was missing.


Thanks for helping!