[Product] Flashing firmware to development devices

I’m setting up a product on the console. I have one device associated with the product so far, and I’m trying to flash firmware to it.

but when I go to release the firmware, it says

“impacted devices” says 0 and it’s not letting me click the “release this firmware” button. Also the note at the bottom says “To release the firmware version, it must be running on at least one device. Visit the devices page to flash a device with this firmware.”. I’m not seeing anyway how to do this on the devices page (first picture above).

Figured something out. The option to flash firmware to the device appears when it’s not marked as a development device. You have to unmark for development (https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/product-tools/development-devices/#unmarking-a-development-device) before you can flash an uploaded version of firmware to it.

This brings up another question: how can I use development devices if I can’t flash firmware to them? And what is the point of rolling out firmware to individual devices if not for development?

Hi @spe Spencer,

I think you need to edit a device that is part of the product, and then flash it that way.

So, select that device that you have, then hit the edit button, then select the firmware you want it to have, then apply or ok (I forgot):

Edit device:

Select the firmware you previously uploaded, then click on flash now and save:

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Thanks @gusgonnet. Got it working :slight_smile:

Now I’m wondering what the point is of/how to use devices that are marked as development devices. (https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/product-tools/development-devices/#marking-a-development-device) Why would I mark a device as a development device if that means I can’t upload firmware to it?

well, you can upload firmware to it. I think what you are facing is an issue where you do not have enough devices and the system is acting against you.

Try adding a few more and then things will get better.

The way I use development devices is a way to test out new firmware before deploying it to a wider number of devices.

For example:
Working on firmware v3 but my fleet is running v2. When I flash a v3 revision to my development device it won’t automatically downgrade to v2 (as a non-development device would). As I’m constantly testing and tweaking things my development devices are always ones I can flash locally from the cli. Once I’m happy with how things are running on my development device I publish the firmware to the Particle Console and deploy it to a “Validation” group for further testing. These devices will then automatically(ish) download the latest firmware deployed to their group.

Another note, you don’t have to deploy firmware to the console, and IMO you shouldn’t, until you’re ready for that firmware to run on numerous devices.

TL;DR: IMO development devices are meant to be ones you flash firmware locally.

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