Unlock device to firmware when marked development (avoid risky updates)

Interesting experience,

I have a device marked as development, in a Particle Product, that was previously locked to a firmware (now outdated):

How to avoid it auto-flashing to old firmware when I ‘unmark development’ and without having to remove and re-add to Product?

Means I can flash any firmware to it thru Workbench, but when I ‘unmark development’ it reverts back to locked firmware. Yes, I can unlock it, but it’s already flashed by then (risky if bugs in old firmware). And appears there is no option to ‘unlock’ it in when marked development (just shows the pick-axe).

Interesting situation. I would do this:

  • Create a dummy firmware that has your PRODUCT_ID and a PRODUCT_VERSION of the (bad) version that is currently locked to.
  • Flash that manually (OTA or USB, not through the product) while the device is still marked as a development device.
  • Make it not development device. Since the PRODUCT_VERSION already matches, it won’t be flashed again to the bad version.
  • Now unlock to the product default or lock a different version.
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Good idea! Thank you.

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