How to mark a specific device for development- not to be updated OTA

It seems that a recent update has removed the little Icon that marks specific devices for development. This was a convenient option for me. How do I mark a device for development now? I don’t quite understand the new setting force OTA enabled. Do I need to enable (green) it for a device to be updated OTA? The description on the device page is not clear to me. Please explain.

I also do not see the option to edit the device settings under the device tab. How do I edit the settings? The only option I see is to unclaim it. I used to be able to mark it for development or unmark it, or change its name.

Have you looked in console on the device page for that device all the way down on the right just below the Particle.function() input boxes?

What settings would you intend to edit?

Have you looked in the top right corner of the device page in console?


I’d read this as: “This device will accept and keep any firmware sent OTA irrespective of the official fleet firmware”.
Without that being enabled flashing anything but the official fleet firmware will cause the device to revert back to that official version as soon the device comes back online.

My screen for the device no longer gives me the option of “Mark Development” as it did before particle updated my account. It also no longer gives me the “EDIT” option. Only “SIGNAL” and “PING”. That’s my issue. Options that I am familiar with have now disappeared from my device page. The FIRMWARE NEW option now appears. But why would I have to “Force Enable OTA” if OTA updates are enabled? I still don’t get it. I’ve been using the console for over two years, but I just want to be able to mark a device for development like before.

I sent the two screen shots. No “EDIT” and no “Mark as development”
It no longer displays all the info that it used to at the top of the device page also, like the ID, The ICCID, Who owns it, etc. I don’t see any of that info. Only the “Name”

I think I figured out what was wrong. I have to go to the product page first, then go to devices. I guess I forgot about this.

Thank you, ScruffR. You have helped this old guy a number of times. Thank you for your patience.


You can disable OTA updates locally via System.disableUpdates() and this option allows you to override that setting (e.g. when you realize your code is misbehaving but you have no way to tell the device to call System.enableUpdates() again).

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