Cannot release new firmware

After testing a new firmware on my Electron development device, I try to upload and release the firmware. However, the button is disabled, and I cannot release it.

Then, I compile it again with a different PRODUCT VERSION and flash it. This time I can release it on the Particle console.

So, why can I not release the first firmware? Is it possible to remove a firmware or upload a new file?


In order to release firmware, it must be flashed to one device first. So the normal pattern is:

  • Upload new firmware to the console
  • Lock and flash it to a single test device
  • Release it

It’s not currently possible to delete a firmware binary once uploaded.

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One additional method you can use:

  • Put a test device into “Mark As Development Device” mode
  • Flash your desired firmware directly to it (with the new product version)
  • Test as needed
  • Once ready for release, upload the firmware to the product and release.

This way your development device (which must be in your product) acts as the device that already has the firmware flashed to it. You don’t have to upload the new firmware first if you don’t want to (and I recommend that you don’t unless it’s very thoroughly tested).

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