Registering a non-Particle product as a device

I was wondering if there was a way to connect a cellular + gps arduino shield to the Particle cloud and read the shield’s data from the Particle cloud


No, but you could do that with the Electron and a GPS unit or just use the Electron + Asset Tracker 2 board to do the same thing.

There are two problems, one technical and one business-related.

Bringing Particle cloud support to a new device is a large project that involves porting the Particle system firmware to a new device. This is at minimum weeks of work. Even though the Photon and Electron are somewhat Arduino compatible from a user firmware point of view, they’re completely different underneath.

The other is a business issue. Once you’ve ported the system firmware, you still won’t be allowed cloud access until you sign contracts and agree to a per-device payment to use the Particle cloud from your new device.

This process is intended for people making an entirely new product like like Bluz, Digistump Oak, or RedBear Duo. It’s not really practical for end-users or small projects.


If you’re looking for a comparable Cellular + GPS shield for a Particle device, our Asset Tracker Kit for the Electron is a very popular solution: