How can 3rd party cloud Electron read data from Particle cloud?

How can our backend cloud development team read my Electron data that is in the Particle cloud?

I just developed a product prototype, based on Particle’s Asset Tracker Electron, that reads GPS from Electron and displays on my iPhone app showing a map of a trackers routes. iPhone app uses Particle Ios SDK to communicate with Particle cloud to read GPS and battery data from Electron asset tracker.

For CES 2017, we want to demo that we can expose Electron asset tracker data from our cloud.
So, our cloud needs to talk with Particle cloud and read Electron data stored there.

That depends how your Electron tells the cloud.

You can hit the same cloud enpoints as your iOS app does. To be more speceific, we’d need to know which endpoints your iOS app uses.

@douglaskbell, just to be clear, the Particle cloud does NOT store any data. The cloud simply brokers the transaction between your endpoint call and the Electron.


Our Electron uses particle.variable() to expose GPS data.

Will this work for our 3rd party cloud to read this GPS data?..

  1. Our cloud logs to Particle cloud (like loginWithUser: does in particle iOS SDK)
  2. Gets list of asset tracker Electrons (like getDevices does)
  3. Requests Electron data (like getVariable)
  4. Wait for cloud to read Electron and give us the data.

So, it seems our 3rd party cloud needs to do same thing as our iOS app (with particle cloud SDK):

@douglaskbell, your approach is correct. :wink:

What kind of interface does Particle cloud have for 3rd party access?
I need to tell the development guy for the 3rd-party-cloud.

I’m not a cloud programmer.

@douglaskbell, I suggest you look at the Particle documentation. The Particle cloud does present a REST API and Particle provides great nodejs tools for doing that.


Fantastic! Thanks.

Thanks for the help @ScruffR @peekay123!