Getting information fromt the Particle Cloud


So here is what I want to do:

Upload gps information to the Particle Cloud with the Asset Tracker Kit and then, with Xcode, create an apple app that goes to my Particle Cloud and gets that location.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows how to do this…

I’m not sure if I should put this here or on the Apple forums, so I did both.


This is a really broad question. Which part do you have experience with, or rather, which part do you need assistance with?

The data acquisition, sending, requesting, app design?

What’s the end-goal for the project?

The end goal is for the app to get the latitude and longitude from the Particle Cloud that was sent by the Particle Electron. And then apply those values to a dot on a map. The only thing I need help with right now is getting the app to go to the Particle Cloud and get the latitude and longitude. I am not experienced with Xcode but I am experienced with C++ and a little experienced with c#. I know how to program the Particle Electron to send the data to the cloud, but I don’t know how to get the app to receive it.

If you need anymore information or if I didn’t answer your question correctly just tell me.

The particle cloud will not store your data, it only requests it live from the Photon or Electron.

You can put your GPS data to Losant via a Particle Publish and then request the last or previous GPS data from your Losant data store via an API call or other methods. Not sure if that helps or not.

Look at Particle.variable().

Hint: you can store a JSON object in a STRING type Particle variable:

{"geolocation":{"longitude": 40.3573, "latitude":74.6672}}

That's not really the way it works with the cloud. Your data can go through the cloud to you app, but it's not stored in the cloud. You basically have a couple of choices. Your app can subscribe to a Particle.publish, so when the Electron publishes an event, the app will receive it. The other way to do it would be to poll the electron from the app. In that scenario, the app could read the value of a Particle.variable on the Electron at some regular interval.

To build a Mac OS X or iOS app, you really should know how to program in either Objective-C or Swift, although, if you use Xamarin, you can write code in C#.

I think what I might do, since now I know that the Cloud can’t store data, is have an Arduino with an Ethernet shield at my house and forward a port so that the particle can talk to it. Then I can use the Ethernet shield’s sd card to store the data and then the app can go there and get it. That would work right?

Thanks for the help guys!

You can send the data to Losant for free and forget about needing any extra equipment or the need to maintain it. Then pull the data as you need it from Losant.